Sunday, September 6, 2009

To all Michaelians

watch this film... St.Michael's Instituition Ipoh is in iT~ YEA~!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Attempt =)

Lol... as u can see its just a vid i cr8ted for the CoolerMaster contest
well i dun think this is crazy enough... but i just wanna test my luck. =P
OKay.. This is the First attempt of the vid.. i might upgrade it sommore
so... wish me good luk.. hehe =P

Friday, August 28, 2009

Random 1 (my Creation)

LOl... i have nothing better to do.. so i just wanna share somthing random to ppl out there?... or mayb none? watever...

WELL~!! this is my first time using Adobe illustrator and i am not trying to show off , and i think this isnt a great artwork though but i'm ok with it LOL!.. took me 2hours just to play around with adobe illutrator and get this thing lol!

Hmmm... tat shud be it for today..

~Thank You~~Bye~

Thursday, August 27, 2009

One Million Dollar casing!

Hi guys wanna share sumthing random tats all.
First things first.. i'm sorry to the guy tat was the owner of this casing.. i was just too amazed by it and feel like sharing it with other ppl.. soo soo sorry for posting ur property without ur pemission...
Hontoni Gomenasai!!

WEll as u guys can see,... tat casing beside is one hell of a masterpiece.. When i first saw it i really wished
tat this casing was MINE! muahahaha! Btw.. do u think tat this cost a million dollars?

Lol... well i guess tats all for today.. THX! and again i'm sorry to the owner of this property for posting out ur masterpiece without any permission.. THK YOU!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Power Of Art!

LOL!.. this is the first view of a long street in paris(i guess) See what's the artist gonna do!

AInt he amazing? In two days ... he painted that street! Tats awesome.. NEXT!

Lol 4th day.... his masterpiece has yet to be seen lol.. which is the last pic below... YEA!

There u go! PRETEND TO FALL!!! lol
Imagine!!U.. standing there...
i guess i'll be illusioning tat i'm falling hahax!!

Tats for today!

MY turn

As time passses... the infection may be slowing down.. but i am vry sure tat i wud not let down those who infected me.. ARE U READING THIS!!! i will spread the DRCI virus! I repeat! I WILL DEFINATELY SPREAD THE VIRUS! I have been thinking... if i dun spread this virus,! Mr. Rubik will definately still have his dignity or wat u call it?.. err.. masterpiece! and the solution to solve it will be kept as a mystery. So... by spreadin this virus, more and more ppl will noe how to solve the cube... and by doing tat.... in the end his masterpiece wud be just a cube tat everybody wud be bored of!... MUAHAHAHAHHA!!

OK i noe i'm being ridiculous here but, lol.. i'm bored hahax!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Need Help!

Err... how to post a Youtube vid here, without downloadin the vid?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

1 Week Holiday

lol.. 1 week holiday.. i seriously dunno wat to do for tat week. haiz..


WARNING: This Virus has been infecting the pupils in form 4. This infection is no other than the Deadly Rubik Cube Infection ( D.RC.I).

Symptoms: 1) The urge to just touch the rubik cube.
2) Whenrubik cube is touched, there will be a spontaneous feeling to spin the cube.
3)This is the main point to spot whether u're highly infected onot;
which is the crazy feeling to find another victim(infected) to teach u how to solve the cube.
IF any of u out there have all of the 3 symptoms stated, pls QUARANTINE URSELF! 1 WEEK without a rubik cube.
This virus started no long ago.... and 60% of the form 4 pupils were already infected in SMK. ST. Michael Ipoh. BEWARE!.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just wanna share wif u my creation.

LOl... this is one of my creation on the name given to me from my BROS(vry close frens) .
yea tats rite CityBoy...
well soon.. i'll create another wallpaper on Eugimillenium(another name given by frens) =)

Seriously.. i just realized i have 3 nicknames (there will be more i guess)
but Euginium comes from me
then.. City Boy(called by BROS)
then... Eugimillenium( lol.. given by EDWIN! hahax.. skool fren)

.. New wallpapers coming soon i guess.


Hey.. Back for the meantime due to boredom.

Hey.. guys! lol.. i noe its a dead blog and soon its gonna be dead again. I'm updating this becos,
here at home... i'm practically stoning everyday! lol. Thats it for today but there might be more post coming soon...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

DUde! What happened!? Is Blogging tat fun?

Man guys look... I really duno wat happened.. but all of a sudden, i see so many frens of mine having a BLOG! and its updated! NOT DEAD! Wow... lol

Tuesday, March 31, 2009