Friday, May 9, 2008

DEAD BLOG updated

LOL i just realize tat my blog is already DEAD!!....... I'll update it someday GUYS!


Friday, April 4, 2008

Join ME!!

Hi guys....err....this is the game that i am currently me this game kinda ROX!
this game is called "Granado Espada: Sword Of The New World"....hope u guys can join me.
i u wanna download it... download it from ""........ Errm...
there's a little problem for registering into the game......i'll teach u .

When u're in the website, look to the top right of the screen...... u can see the sign up there...just clik tat.. and u can register...

For your info , when u are in the website , u see a big "register/create an account," thingy, pls dun clik it....becos it will have problem or error, for loading that Good Luck , and GoD BlesS.....

Notice: I am not forcing u guys to play this game with me.....i am just telling u guys.... and maybe if you're interested , you can join.... oh ya.. if u really are interested , ....let me tell u something............The....................PATCH...........................IS ......................Freaking LONG! so hope u guys have patients lol... tats all for today! oh ya... Those Characters up there, only the girl is mine really not jokin the other two of them are dead! Tat girl just happen to stand beside two guys so i took a!


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

29 / 03 / 98

Nothing Much To Say......

† 29/03/98†

Thursday, March 27, 2008

lol...Wanna know what is Rugsketball?... Recently,Today, we have our Physical Exercise class......We started lining up at the football field , did some warming up.....and...we went to the basketball court to play basketball. Today was unusual. Usually there's only five boys from my class , (including me) plays basketball and then the others will go for football. But this time the whole class went for Basketball......Lol know wat?.... our whole class broke the rules! some kicked the ball, some bounced the ball OFF the court and... much more. My team were loosing bcos we didn't really break that much went outside the court and I was resting. When i saw the whole class playing with no rules , i wondered. Lol.....i thought of something....... I called some of my friends and i created a team called , TMz a.k.a TroubleMakerz. There were only 6 of us in this team. LOL.....we planned and we rushed to the opponent who was having the ball , and we BANGED him as hard as possible....can you imagine wat will happen if you were the one who got banged by 6 cows...? lol...its gonna hurt. okay. Then i grabbed the ball , huged it with all my strength... and I straight ran to the opponent's court. I remembered the feeling of running among 34 students and each and everyone of them were BANGING you and you have ur TM team defending you , banging the other opponents.... I kept running...i felt like I am Captain Soap in Call Of Duty 4 , running to the POINT you are supposed to go ( Soon Aun and Weng Khit guarantee knows how good it feels) . All of sudden a big guy banged me very hard...... i practically somersault like two rounds? Well sorry thats too much ....err..somersault one round and drifted to the ground. Actually... that kinda hurt i had over 7 scratches, beside my elbow,on my left hand and a bruise with a small hole, on my shoulder and it was bleeding..but it doesn't hurt (not very pain)..oh ya by the way...the damages were on the same hand . LOL We continued playing until recess, we went back to class and eat. was fun to play basketball in a rugby style....... so we call it........RUGSKETBALL......We planned to do this again NEXT WEEK! me GOOD LUCK!..

NOTE: PLS dun tell your parents about this also...THANK YOU!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Today's Life.

This morning , I was walking around the basketball court (it was recess time). All of sudden , I saw a few of my friends looking at me in a cruel way. Of course I'll feel uneasy....I knew something was going to happen to ran. They started to chase I quickly find a hiding place. I actually happen to hide somewhere , where they really cant see me , but i can. After a few guys who were chasing me , passed me , i quickly ran away behind them..... by the way it really feels kinda fun when you were being chased after and you get to run away from them while you were hiding just right after they pass u. Lol... but when i ran , i forgotten that there's another one more guy who hasn't pass me yet. By the way, he's one of the strongest guy in my class. So i got caught. They brought me back to the basketball court. I was really struggling to run away cos , the students in my school wouldn't just wack you..they would play with your......*clears throat*..... Thank God it didn't happen to me......well...ALMOST! lol..... They really did unzip my pants..... I was already like kicking and punching....but there's too many people grabbing onto my arms and legs cos they know that I am the strongest in the class (only in my class not the whole school... and maybe some can defeat me la of course sometimes). But lol.......the zip wasn't so open cos my recess is over...... oh ya by the way , today was the first time i felt like i have used up all my energy...i really feel like fainting but thank God i am alrite now. lol.

Notice: Pls dun tell your parents that i experienced i dunno wat to say...just dun tell them K? promise. keep it to urself lol...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Condition Of STONING.

I have found out a new condition of Stoning. The new condition of Stoning is, the HAPPY condition.
Lol... u guys must be thinking, How can someone stone in a happy way?Or how does someone look like when they stone in a happy condition? Or what do you mean by stoning in a happy condition? Well i am sure you guys have seen it before. This happy condition of stoning, usually happens to those who are in love or in a good mood. Do you realize that when you watch some romantic movies or a drama. You can see that, 'A'(boy) in love with 'B'(girl) and when 'A' goes home, he will take her photo or some love letters or some other things that would remind him of 'B', and he'll keep staring at it and smile.Or the girl, 'B', will go home and cook smiling away and not thinking but thinking about the boy whom she is in love with or she may be doing the same thing the boy is doing.Thats the happy condition of stoning or in another words is, deeply in love but i call it STONING IN LOVE. Lol.. thats all for today. Oh ya.. by the way i am not an adult. in case u guys thing that i have been in love. I am just an ordinary student nothing special.

NOTICE: I have added a comment box i call it, commentator. When u visit my blog, pls leave a comment because i wanna know who visited my blog and how many visited my blog. Another thing is,i have added a poll on animes pls vote! Thank You.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Star Cruise Getaway

Guess what? My parents were entitled to board a free star cruise at the company's expense, and they just got back today.Eh...the name of the cruise is called, Star Virgo (largest cruise ship in asia pacific by the way!), they had tons of fun there. They told me that the cruise was nice, big and beautiful, I bet they practically felt like royalty from all the luxury and food! They even brought some awesome pictures of the cruise. Well.. i'm dying to go there cos it sounds mega fun! lol...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Oh ya... when someone does something , from logical to not logical, u can call tat STONING too.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Defination Of STONING!

Wanna know whats STONING?
This is my TERM(well not originaly from me). I found it when i was a kid(7 years old), someone said he feel like stoning and i thought....What on earth is STONING and i asked him. He told me tat..."STONING" means,.....Drooling In Front Of The WALL or DRAWING CIRCLES ON THE WALL WITH UR FINGER!!. When should we use it ? .It us used when we feel FREAKING BORED! or HALF DEAD. There are two conditions of STONING....
  • DRAWING CIRCLES on the floor with ur pencil or finger...(normal condition..when i am bored, sometimes i do tat)
  • READING A BOOK BUT ALL OF SUDDEN DROOL(tats oredi known as STONING its QUITE SERIOUS cos when u r reading, u r not supposed to feel bored)
  • DROOLING IN FRONT OF THE WALL(THIS IS SERIOUS..cos it shows tat u r overly bored and this might get u into some kind of MENTAL PROB)
If there is more,..... i will post it.Dun worry eventhough i STONE i am not mental. So i wanna wish u guys ......HAPPY STONING!! (to those who are bored!).