Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MY turn

As time passses... the infection may be slowing down.. but i am vry sure tat i wud not let down those who infected me.. ARE U READING THIS!!! i will spread the DRCI virus! I repeat! I WILL DEFINATELY SPREAD THE VIRUS! I have been thinking... if i dun spread this virus,! Mr. Rubik will definately still have his dignity or wat u call it?.. err.. masterpiece! and the solution to solve it will be kept as a mystery. So... by spreadin this virus, more and more ppl will noe how to solve the cube... and by doing tat.... in the end his masterpiece wud be just a cube tat everybody wud be bored of!... MUAHAHAHAHHA!!

OK i noe i'm being ridiculous here but, lol.. i'm bored hahax!

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